Bath Time

Help Mo give Tee a bath. Put Tee into the water, then give him a wash with the soap and a good scrub with the sponge. Choose a shampoo to wash Tee’s hair, sculpt a bubbly hair do and then rinse it all away with the shower. If the bathroom gets misty, use your fingers to wipe it all away.

Teeth Time

Help Tee brush his teeth. Choose a toothbrush to brush Tee’s teeth, then tap on Tee’s mouth to give them a good clean. Tee likes jumping around, so you’ll have to catch him!

Toilet Time

Tee needs a visit to the little monkey room. Help him go to the toilet, reach the toilet roll, and flush the chain. Don’t forget to always wash and dry his hands!

Musical Mouthwash

Mo is partial to a musical mouthwash. Choose mouthwash to get Mo to gargle, and then tap the bubbles to make a tune. Poptastic!

Conversation Starters

Tee and Mo make lots of funny noises. If your child has a fear or water, or hates brushing their teeth, try having fun making silly sounds together.

Now your little one has got Tee all ready for bed with the Bath Time app, it’s time for a bedtime story. Try making up your own Tee and Mo story to help your little one go off to sleep.

Tee has lots of toys. What’s in your bathroom at home that Tee & Mo have? Try finding all the things that you have that are similar.