About Tee and Mo

Tee and Mo is all about the daily adventures of a funny and energetic little monkey, Tee, and his clever and unstoppable mum, Mo. Stories, songs, and games explore everyday situations through the viewpoint of child and parent.

While Tee and Mo may want to do different things, there’s always plenty of fun to have by negotiating the challenges of daily life TOGETHER. Their light-hearted approach to problem-solving and teamwork inspire imaginative play and lead to care-giver and child bonding both on and off screen.






Tee and Mo are totally tuned into each other. Child and mother, a little unit, a two person team, they are at the centre of every story… They sometimes want to do different things, but they always end up having fun TOGETHER!


Tee is a three and a half year old monkey. That is to say that he’s an irrepressible whirlwind of energy, curiosity, comedy, calamity and, if you catch him at the right time, perhaps the odd cuddle.

But like any 3 year old, Tee can tend to look at things from his own point of view first. Of course, Tee’s favourite person in the world is his mum, she’s there from his morning fruit mash-up to his last book at bedtime and if there’s anything he might need at any point in between, she’s the one he turns to, regardless of what else she may have been trying to do at the time…



Mo is, amongst other things, the mother to a three and a half year old little monkey!

That is to say, not only can she bring home the bananas, she can also cook them – whilst simultaneously cleaning the house, doing the washing, arranging her work, fixing the plumbing, chatting to a friend; whilst at the same time as teaching, giggling, cuddling and loving her boy; whilst also keeping him relatively unharmed and mostly clean-ish!

Like all mums of small children, Mo has a lot on her plate but she wouldn’t have it any other way as she reckons that being Tee’s mum is the most wonderful thing in the world.

Funny, clever and caring Mo is also well-loved throughout the jungle and she makes a living helping the community with her clever ideas and leftfield solutions.



Lily is a four-year-old tiger cub who forms part of Tee’s circle of friends, often coming around to the house for playdates.

Tee loves her wildness and unpredictability, and is never quite sure what she is going to do next. Like all tigers she loves to sneak up and pounce, unleashing a ROAR which can blow the hair off a coconut! Lily is a little older than Tee and is stronger than him.

There is no way our little monkey can outrun or outclimb her. But when it comes to new games or wild ideas on how to spend an afternoon, Lily always lets Tee take charge.



Another of Tee’s friends, Tomo is a flying squirrel and a loyal sidekick to Tee, always eager to join in his ambitious games.

He struggles with his impulse control, often wanting to dive into a situation before Tee has time to explain the game in hand.

Tomo’s ace-in-the-hole is his wings which extend under his arms and let him glide through the forest. Both Tee and Lily are envious of this skill, despite his clumsy and often calamitous landings.


Mr Og

Mr. Og is a neat and tidy warthog and also Tee and Mo’s next door neighbour. His garden is immaculate with not a leaf out of place, not a good environment for a messy little monkey!

Despite sometimes appearing grumbly and a little vexed, this warthog has a soft centre and genuinely enjoys Tee and Mo’s company. He even has a silly side which might manifest itself with the playing of a trombone, or the juggling of a pineapple. When he’s not tending his garden or ironing his curtains, Mr. Og runs a similarly-tidy corner shop, where Tee and Mo do all their shopping.



Heidi is Mo’s best friend and Tee’s de facto Auntie, a bubbly and enthusiastic hippo who loves to spend time with our monkey family.

Mo and Heidi have been best buddies for years, the arrival of Tee adding a warm and welcome new facet to their relationship. Heidi loves to talk, both in person and on her mobile phone and once they start chatting there’s no stopping them (no matter how hard Tee tries!)

Heidi has a job as a childminder, caring for a group of younger animals. She loves to entertain them with trips to the park and a spot of dancing – Heidi loves to groove!


Educational Endorsement

From Educational Consultant, Brian Neish

On the games:

“Synchronised fun and learning, giving a child and their parent/carer significant and memorable shared experiences… A means to reinforce narrative, content-based learning, as well as augment communication skills between parent and child via an interactive device”.

On routines:

“A focus on opportunities for certain routines between the characters in the morning, during the day and especially at night. The suggestion is that Mo will drive these, and Tee will respond is excellent for the younger audience, whilst providing cues for watching parents”.

On concepts of right and wrong:

“Concepts of right and wrong come across from a positive and encouraging approach as opposed to an overly didactic, formal or negative approach. Tee seems to learn from clear signals when he has done something wrong and responds in a manner that suggests he has learnt the right way for next time”.

On realistic depths of love between the characters:

“There is a great deal of warmth and love emanating from the story outlines in terms of how the characters behave together”.


Winner: BAFTA Children’s Award (2019)

Shortlisted: Prix Jeunesse TV Up to 6 Fiction (2018)

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Nomination: BAFTA Children’s Award (2016)

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Winner: Prix Jeunesse Best Interstitial (2016)

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Nomination: BAFTA Children’s Award (2014)

BAFTA Nominee Children's logo

Nomination: Prix Jeunesse Interactivity Prize (2014)

Prix Jeunesse International Munich

Shortlisted: Broadcast Digital Awards (2014)

Broadcast Digital Awards Finalist

Winner: UK Positive Content Competition (2013)

Best Content for Kids National Award 2013

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