Tee and Mo win at Prix Jeunesse

Tee and Mo have won the interstitial category at the Prix Jeunesse International festival in Munich. Prix Jeunesse promotes quality television for young audiences, so it is a real honour to be recognised with this award!

We entered the song ‘Are We Ready To Go?’ into the interstitials category, for short animations and films from 2-4 minutes. This is song with animation where Tee and Mo are getting ready to leave the house, and you can watch it in the player below.

The award was given on the festival’s Monday evening, after a long screening session featuring all ten entrants. The winners were decided by the audience, who loved the song so much that they shouted for an encore! The evening ended in a big celebration, with everybody singing along.

We’re so delighted with our Prix Jeunesse prize that it has taken pride of place here at Tee and Mo HQ. We’re encouraged to keep making amazing animations for you all and hope that this is a sign of great things to come!

There are many more songs and animations over on our videos page, please watch them and help spread the word by sharing with your friends.