Sandwich Stacker

Take it in turns to make each other a Super Stacker Sandwich. Try to find out Tee and Mo’s favourite ingredients and watch their funny reactions.

Squirrel Flyer

Drag Tee and Fly up and down to collect all the fruit in Mo’s basket. Watch out for the branches!

Bungee Vine

Drag Tee and Mo to the paint pots at the bottom of the screen, then let go to throw mucky, messy paint at Mr Sloth’s house! Make sure you finish the job before he gets home!

Musical Garden

Take it in turns to dig a hole and plant a seed in the musical flowerbed. How many flowers can you plant before the music stops?


Drag Tee left and right to position him over a flower, then release or press the button to get him to pick it up! Collect as many flowers can you can.

Trolley Dash

Drag to steer the shopping trolley through the jungle and collect all of the delicious groceries. Watch out for the bushes and the rocks!

Conversation Starters

Tee and Mo make enormous sandwiches. If your little one is a picky eater, use this game as an opportunity to discuss different foodstuffs and healthy eating!

Tee loves whizzing around the shop on his scooter. Why not make your next trip to the supermarket more exciting for your little one by taking it in turns to select the ingredients.

Gardening is a great activity for you and your little one to do together and to discuss how plants need water and light to grow.