Tee and Mo win at Prix Jeunesse

Tee and Mo have won the interstitial category at the Prix Jeunesse International festival in Munich. Prix Jeunesse promotes quality television for young audiences, so it is a real honour to be recognised with this award! We entered the song ‘Are We Ready To Go?’ into the interstitials category, for short animations and films from… Read more

Play: Hide and Seek Game

Mo’s lost her handbag, and Tee wants to play… Hang on a minute – they’ve got a great idea! Help Mo find her handbag whilst playing a game of hide and seek with Tee. This game is playable on mobile and tablet devices only.

Play: Picture Perfect Game

Tee wants to play with a ball indoors, but mind that picture Tee… Too late! Help Tee and Mo repair the picture in this fun jigsaw puzzle game. Best played on a handheld device such as a mobile phone or tablet.

Play: Guava Ball Game

Mo wants to pick some ripe guavas from the tree, but Tee would rather play with his ball… Hang on a minute—they’ve got a great idea! Help Tee and Mo aim the ball to knock guavas down. This game is playable on mobile and tablet devices only.

Tee and Mo on the CBeebies Storytime App

Tee and Mo star in a new adventure in the hugely popular and award-winning CBeebies Storytime app. Readers can now download “Who did the Footprints?” — a detective story starring Tee and Mo! The tale begins when the pair notice some mysterious footprints around the house, and so they decide to head into the jungle… Read more

The Tee and Mo website is live!

We had a brilliant idea — we thought we’d build a Tee and Mo website — and here it is! There are lots of things to make, do, watch, and sing-along to! Take a good look around and find out more about the world of Tee and Mo. The team are working hard at making… Read more

Tee and Mo on CBeebies!

We’re so excited! And we just can’t hide it! 10 desktop and mobile games featuring the adorable Tee and Mo are now live on the CBeebies website! Aimed at 2-4 year olds and their caregivers, Tee and Mo revolves around the daily adventures of an adorable and unstoppable baby monkey, Tee, and his first-time mum,… Read more